Google Tests Verified Calls That Make It Hard For Phone Scams

The post-Covid-19 world is back to normal and back when you find a fraud case using the computer. There are lots of stories per week of people losing hundreds of thousands due to so-called calls from banks and the Inland Revenue Board. The scam is easy because a lot of people don’t know the call is from the bank or the government.

Google is testing on the feature Verified Calls in Brazil . Then the phone screen displays who is calling, the caller’s logo, and why it receives the call. For example, when you receive a call from a telephone bank, you’ll be given the bank number, bank logo and reason for receiving such a call that detects a credit card use.

This makes potential use of mobile scams even harder. However only Google Phone applications allow Checked Calls. It also requires banks and various firms to list their telephone numbers with Google.

Google hasn’t announced that it would extend this functionality to global users. But it’s highly expected because we’ve never picked up a phone from a number which isn’t regarded as a drastic measure to deter fraud.

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